Hate Blisters? Here is a great tip!

The one thing that drives me crazy about my shoes is after 5km, my feet get sore.  By 6km they are killing me, by 7 or 8 I just want the pain to end.  Any further and I won’t be running for another week while the blisters heal.

This is a great tip to help reduce blisters! Here’s how to tie a “heel lock” or “lace lock”. A lot of running and hiking shoes have an extra shoelace …

The Heavy Panda is back!

Not really too sure how I got so sidetracked.  But the Heavy Panda is back, and doing very well.

This year we are scheduled to do two events, the MS Bike Tour 160km ride and the Niagara Falls 1/2 Ironman Barrel Man.  It is going to be an exciting year of training and I can’t wait to share everything THP has been up to.

Hockey Run

Saturday morning rolled in very quickly after a late night on Friday. For some reason sleep seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve with any degree of success. Hockey season is officially started and Boogie plays at 7:30, so before the sun could beat me to it, I awoke the bear, and to my surprise she was pretty excited about getting out on the ice.

We got all decked out in gear, and I through my running cloths on, as I thought I would take the chance to get a run in. We get to the rink and actually get on the ice on time, and after running around getting stuff organized, I find myself on the track above the ice. I had hoped to get a 45 minute run in (which would have been a personal best). My longest official nonstop run is just around 38 minutes. But it turns out I only have about 25 minutes, so I get going, and manage to knock out 4 kilometres before I have to get the girl changed for gymnastics at 9:00. So we rush out of the rink and over to Timmies for some food. Of course the line is miles long and time is short, but we get some bagels and drinks and sit down for a quick father daughter moment. There are moments that are really enjoyable amongst all the chaos, and just a few minutes having a bagel with my little girl is definitely one of them.

We take off for the gym and she makes it just in time to start warmups. She absolutely loves gymnastics, and seems to be improving dramatically ever week! So after watching for a few minutes, I rush back to the rink. Sunshine is skating at 9:45 and since this is more of a try out I want to be there to make sure he has everything he needs to do well. Skates are tied and he heads out and does a great job! I get the chance to watch him for a few minutes as I end up discussion real estate investing with another parent.

Finally I sneak away and get back to the track. I have about 20 minutes, and I get my butt in gear again, and manage to sneak out another 3 kilometres before heading back down to get the little man changed.

So amongst all the craziness of the morning, I have managed to knock out 7 kilometres in 45 minutes of running. Not exactly as I had originally planned it, but I did it! What amazed me was the looks I got from some of the other parents. There was several stunned faces that a parent would go and exercise while their kid played hockey, that was something I had not expected.

Lets see if I can do that every week!