SBC – October 2010

I have just spent the entire weekend at an awesome event. One of my friends and mentor hosts the Super Business Conference every year, and there are guests from all over the world but the focus is really around Canadian Business.  This year we were treated to the grilling machine George Foreman!

But one of the speakers really smacked me in the face, and told me to wake up.  Hard to argue with his credentials of being a Olympic Silver Medalist and 3-time Grey Cup champion. It is an odd combination but no other Canadian holds both of those titles together. Bob Molle – “Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable” goal setting business coaching expert was going through his motivational speech and I was rocked by what I heard.  Maybe not so much about what I heard but more in what how I heard it.

We all talk about those light-bulb moments, but this was just a crowbar to the side of the head.  We all waste away time like it is nothing, some more then others, but if you compare the happy successful people with miserable complacent people in the world, you will probably find there is a big difference in how these two groups “waste” time. I had been wasting time focused solely on work-work-work-work-work, and wondering why I was getting burnt out, frustrated and angry (and fat).

I had been arguing with myself for months (years) that once I got the next contract in place things would be different, I would finally have the money I need to change things – loss some weight, relax with the kids, maybe even take a trip.  Surprisingly years were disappearing and I was packing on more weight, I never seem to have time for the kids and I don’t remember the last time I was away on a real vacation.

After the event I spoke with Bob, and told him how much I had enjoyed his story, and I was inspired to change. Right on that spot I stood and said I will back here next year 50 pounds lighter. To witch Bob congratulated me and told me he would be there next year to see the results.