SBC – October 2011

Yes, another year has gone by.  It would appear that being inspired and action are definitely two different things.  I just heard Bob speak again and now I have the embarrassing confrontation ahead of me.

How do you even start the conversation, sorry but you only inspired me, but that apparently wasn’t good enough! Needless to say there wasn’t much conversation, Bob was exactly who he needed to be.  After many years of football Bob has mastered that tough guy football coach attitude, and after the years I played, I know that attitude and well I promised I would do better.

However, this time instead of being inspired, I heard a few more words: “WHY” was the big one.  I know I want to lose 50 pounds, but why do I want to? Its funny almost everybody when asked what their why is they will say “for my kids”.  That is a cop-out answer as far as I am concerned. What I figured out there in those disappointed eyes of Mr. Molle, is it isn’t about losing weight, it isn’t about kids.  Here comes the words “It has to be about me”.

If I don’t lose some weight, I will probably be dead by 50. If I don’t find the time to lose the weight then what am I doing with that time, most likely I am in my endless work-work-work-work schedule wishing I was in better shape. If I want to take that vacation why don’t I ever plan it, maybe I just want to be happier and since I don’t know where to start I am just going to work-work-work-work and eventually it will all be figured out – except I will most likely be dead and buried.

Its time to get serious about the future.