Swim Master

Well after that Yoga experiment last night, I am not sure what I am thinking but i head back to YMCA and head out to the pool. Tonight is the Master swim class. I go over and ask one of the life guards who I should be talking to for the class, and she points me to one of the regulars. Rob as it turns out has been doing the master swim for the past couple if years and is a pretty good swimmer. The regular coach is not available as the YMCA is changing sessions this week.

Oh well, Rob and I jump in the pool, along with another lady who is also from out of town and then Tom joined in with us. Rob puts us through an interesting series of exercises and we do about 2k in the pool.

Combined with the yoga from last night my muscles are aching and I am cramping like crazy.

Time to grab some grub and some serious fluids!

Yoga Virgin

I have been saying for years that I need to work on my flexibility and I have said I would try yoga but I haven’t. Since I am in Edmonton every other week with not much to do at night, I found the the YMCA offers yoga drop in classes.

So I dropped in. Yoga Coach Lyle, welcomes me and tells that I need a mat and some blocks. He tells me not worry we are just going to do some gentle yoga.

Guess what, it appears it go great. Lyle says I did a pretty good job and I should definitely come back again. I feel good, so I even run back to the hotel.

I awake the next morning, to the feeling of, holy crap, what drove over me. I mean I am sore everywhere. I even feel crappy. It turns out that all that stretching released so much garbage into my system that literally I was sick fritz my body trying to get rid if the toxins in my body that I released with these gentle poses.

Yoga might look easy but trust me – it isn’t!

Sports in Port

I heard from the London triathlon coach after the last splash and dash of the year that there was going to be a mini triathlon in Port Stanley. Sports in Port which is group promoting sports in Port Stanley decided to hold a triathlon workout.

As it turned out about 25 of us showed up and were met with a crazy wavy Lake Erie. Waves upwards of 8 feet are rolling in which basically cancels the swim, but our triathlon coach decides to teach us how to swim in these conditions. Seriously I don’t think I could swim open water in these conditions but it is definitely a learning experience. After the swim workout we head back to the bikes and off we go for a nice 20k bike ride.

I arrive back at the transition clearly in last place again, and head out for the run. I have to say this is an interesting run, because I am running through spots in port Stanley I have never been before. It is a really nice run/walk. It is surprisingly warm and the air is thick. After a few crazy hills I am running back into town and heading to Mackie’s and there is a heck of a crowd.

Turns out that there was another run coming from St Thomas down to Port, and we all finished at the same spot. I have to say I do believe I run better with other people running around me. I finished the race strong and looking forward to the next race.

The good news for me, nobody kept score! Just a great morning work out!