It’s been one of those weeks.

Early morning travel on Monday, with flight delays and arriving onsite hours late, and then one of those crazy work days.

Tuesday wasn’t too much better but after a crazy work day I spent an hour with Lyle the Yoga instructor and I have to say I am impressed at how calming yoga is. Oh and it’s a pretty intense workout on top of it all.

Wednesday turned out to be a good day because I finally made some great progress at work, but after a marathon work session I arose from my desk almost unable to move. This is how I know that yoga is tough, because literally I was sore everywhere! However, I do believe no pain no gain, so I headed out to a masters swim session at the YMCA, and I met the main swim coach Alvin. Alvin loves his coaching calling and his passion for swim almost is scary. So after a 2.3 km swimming session we did a fantastic stretch session and I was able to walk back to the hotel!

Thursday was a long work day topped off with the flight home, which arrived into London at 6 am Friday morning. I have to say red-eye flights are the worst, but the sun had not come up yet, so I decided to take a drive. After a quick fillup at the gas station I had north east out of London and arrived at Lakeside about 30 minutes later. The sun was just coming up revealing the site of the Lakeside triathlon happening on Saturday.

I felt the water and it feels very cool, but to my surprise it was actually 22 degrees and is actually pretty nice to swim in all things considered. The best thing about the site is the transition area! It is all on the grass connected right to the clean reckless beach with an easy transition for the bike and the run. I know I haven’t done many triathlons yet, but the lakeside site was awesome compared to the muskoka transition site.

All week I have arguing with myself weather I can do the triathlon, I haven’t been training enough, and with all the travel I am not feeling it at all. I decide to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.