I heard from the London triathlon coach after the last splash and dash of the year that there was going to be a mini triathlon in Port Stanley. Sports in Port which is group promoting sports in Port Stanley decided to hold a triathlon workout.

As it turned out about 25 of us showed up and were met with a crazy wavy Lake Erie. Waves upwards of 8 feet are rolling in which basically cancels the swim, but our triathlon coach decides to teach us how to swim in these conditions. Seriously I don’t think I could swim open water in these conditions but it is definitely a learning experience. After the swim workout we head back to the bikes and off we go for a nice 20k bike ride.

I arrive back at the transition clearly in last place again, and head out for the run. I have to say this is an interesting run, because I am running through spots in port Stanley I have never been before. It is a really nice run/walk. It is surprisingly warm and the air is thick. After a few crazy hills I am running back into town and heading to Mackie’s and there is a heck of a crowd.

Turns out that there was another run coming from St Thomas down to Port, and we all finished at the same spot. I have to say I do believe I run better with other people running around me. I finished the race strong and looking forward to the next race.

The good news for me, nobody kept score! Just a great morning work out!