I have been saying for years that I need to work on my flexibility and I have said I would try yoga but I haven’t. Since I am in Edmonton every other week with not much to do at night, I found the the YMCA offers yoga drop in classes.

So I dropped in. Yoga Coach Lyle, welcomes me and tells that I need a mat and some blocks. He tells me not worry we are just going to do some gentle yoga.

Guess what, it appears it go great. Lyle says I did a pretty good job and I should definitely come back again. I feel good, so I even run back to the hotel.

I awake the next morning, to the feeling of, holy crap, what drove over me. I mean I am sore everywhere. I even feel crappy. It turns out that all that stretching released so much garbage into my system that literally I was sick fritz my body trying to get rid if the toxins in my body that I released with these gentle poses.

Yoga might look easy but trust me – it isn’t!