Where does one start. I am your typical average Joe with a wonderful wife, two beautiful kids (most days), a yellow lab at my feet, and two cats that have their own agenda. Actually everybody in this house has their own agenda, and most days it is a completely confusing nightmare of chaos that seems to work!

For the past 15 years I have been a Enterprise Resource Planning Technical consultant.  Most people have no clue what that means, but basically I work for large corporations/government/schools working primarily on their Human Resource and Finance systems.  It is always interesting and demands a high level of attention to detail that keeps things from ever getting boring.  I have had the priviledge of working with amazing groups of people from the racing folks at NASCAR to the pizza guys at Papa Johns to the Ivy leagues of Stanford to the average business guy next door.

I have always considered myself an average athelite but some how over the past many years, the focus has gone away from me and hence we now have the “HeavyPanda”.  Not sure where the Panda idea came from, but when messing around with logos for the branding of the business the Panda was always the winner. Since I was 300+ pounds and 6 foot 5, my guess is that “Panda” is actually a close reference.

My business coach challenged me to come up with finding my “WHY”.  This has lead me on a series of adventures, but it is clear to me now that my “WHY” is about making a life for my family that has purpose. The first major step to that goal is to make sure that I am alive.

Starting in late 2011, the goal was to get the weight off and find some time for myself to be me.  There is a lot of truth that if you aren’t happy with yourself how is anyone else going to be happy with you. Queue the gym membership, and getting back on the treadmill, working on the core.  But that just wasn’t enough, so I joined a ball hockey league, and then I decided that I was going to run a triathlon.  July 22nd, 2012, I completed my first sprint triathlon, and I realized that I need to become even more accountable:

HENCE: theHeavyPanda.com website was born.